5 Deliciously Hearty Dishes At Ninja Cut

The meatier cousin of the popular Ninja Bowl will give you a protein boost with its premium cuts

Photos: Ninja Cut

From the ones behind Japanese-style rice bowl restaurant Ninja Bowl, comes their meatier counterpart — Ninja Cut.


At first glance, little seems to have changed. The brand DNA of fuss-free, hearty meals remain, except with a renewed enthusiasm for proteins like roast ribeye, crackling pork belly, juicy chicken, cod fillet, tuna and whole squid.

According to founder Darren Wee, this new concept celebrates dishes with more robust flavours, along with a wider selection of proteins.

Judging by how satisfied we were at the end of our meal, they’ve nailed it.


Here are our top five dishes to order:

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1. What’s Your Beef? ($18)

With only 30 servings available each day, What’s Your Beef? looks set to be a hot favourite among diners. Each dish comes with a hunky 150g of lightly seasoned and succulent Australian ribye roast.

Sides of grilled corn seasoned with furikake, sautéed mushrooms, honey glazed carrots, a wobbly onsen egg and golden garlic chips add a wonderful medley of textures to the stellar slab of meat.

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