5 Reasons To Visit Be Frank — Especially If You Love Oozy Cheese On Gourmet Hot Dogs

Snack on gourmet hotdogs on the go or have yours slathered with melted raclette cheese

Photos: Be Frank/Weekender

Frankly speaking, the idea of a hot dog is as simple as it gets.

However, what makes Be Frank special are its house-made toppings.

The purveyor of gourmet hotdogs prides itself on its signature toppings — including coleslaw, bacon bits and mashed potato; all prepared from scratch as far as possible.

All of these help to elevate its star item, the plump pork bratwurst, to the next level.

If you’re feeling famished, order the set meal ($9.90), which includes a soft drink and a choice of croquettes or fries. What a steal!

Here are five reasons why we can’t help but love Be Frank:

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1. They top their hotdogs with irresistible, melted raclette

Cheese makes (almost) everything taste better — you already knew that. At Be Frank, the Bac & Cheeze and the Cheezy Mushroom hotdogs are topped with fried bacon bits and sautéed mushroom bits respectively, but the goodness doesn’t stop there. A blanket of luxuriously gooey raclette is freshly scrapped onto the hotdogs upon order, sealing the deal for utter indulgence.

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