The Only 5 Places You Should Go For Delicious Festive Takeaways

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If you've made the mistake of holding a festive soiree at your abode without possessing the skill of boiling water, fret not as we have compiled five places that offer delicious festive takeaways for non-forward thinkers like you.

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Photo: Morsels 

5. Morsels 

Sometimes, it only takes one solid dish to ring in the festive cheer. At Morsels. it ain’t turkey, or chicken, but the Apricot Herbal Braised Duck ($138) that will kick-start the merriment. Best served at unconventional Christmas parties or to accommodate your traditional granny who turns her nose up at ang moh food, the quacker is braised in a mix of Chinese herbs such as dangui, ginseng, yushu, chuan xiong and dried apricots and served with homemade red cabbage kimchi, glutinous rice cooked in stock with shiitake mushrooms and chestnuts, as well as a flavourful braising sauce. Happy Chine…we mean, Merry Christmas everyone!


Takeaway orders are to be placed from now until 15 December by calling or emailing.
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