The Only 5 Places You Should Go For Delicious Festive Takeaways

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If you've made the mistake of holding a festive soiree at your abode without possessing the skill of boiling water, fret not as we have compiled five places that offer delicious festive takeaways for non-forward thinkers like you.

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3. Taste & Swiss Butchery

The taste of tradition is kept alive with Taste & Swiss Butchery’s range of festive offerings! Gather a sumptuous feast together, starting with a spread of meats featuring a roasted turkey centrepiece, either cooked traditionally or Beechwood smoked (from $99 each), and hams in four different variations, namely Apple Cinnamon Ham, Juniper Ham, Porcini Ham, and Walnut Ham (from $37 each). If you feel a little more indulgent, opt for the Virginia Ham and Champagne Ham ($149.90 each) to properly reel in the merriment. A smattering of seafood delights is also fitting for this extravagant affair. such as various Oyster Platters from Europe ($89) and the yummy Salmon Coulibac ($82) that encases the fish, basmanti rice and spinach in golden-brown puff pastry. But if you can’t decide from the array of options, pow kah liow your Christmas feast with the Quiet Indulgence Set ($200) featuring roast chicken, caviar, a bread basket and more, or pull out all the stops with Santa’s Dinner ($398) that consists lavish selects of classic turkey, roast beef, apple cinnamon ham…just to name a few.

Takeaway orders are to be placed from until 18 December. There will be free delivery with a minimum purchase of $200.
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