The Only 5 Places You Should Go For Delicious Festive Takeaways

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If you've made the mistake of holding a festive soiree at your abode without possessing the skill of boiling water, fret not as we have compiled five places that offer delicious festive takeaways for non-forward thinkers like you.

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Photo: Goodwood Park Hotel 

2. Goodwood Park Hotel

Interactive food is totally a food trend for 2017, according to us. Goodwood Park Hotel apparently agrees with its Silent Night Sphere ($28) – an Instagram-worthy dessert featuring a galaxy-painted white chocolate shell that melts away to reveal a party mix of Maltesers, gummy bears, marshmallows and dried cranberries when hot chocolate is poured over. The gastronomic performance can be pulled off at home by heating up the included chocolate sauce before dousing all over. Other festive goodies available at the hotel for takeaway also include the lotus leaves-wrapped 12 Treasures Turkey ($268) that is presented alongside premium ingredients such as roast pork, abalones, and fresh chestnut, the Around the World in ‘Turkey’ Days set ($128) featuring the bird’s meat spun in four delicious ways of bulgogi puff, gyoza, sriracha and shepherd’s pie, and the hotel’s famed Goodwood ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian Christmas Log Cake ($69).


Takeaway orders are to be placed from until 26 December with five days advance notice. 
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