5 Must-Tries From One-Ninety Restaurant’s Market Fresh Semi-Buffet

Be spoilt for choice by more than 30 entrees including Italian, Asian and Grilled specialties

Photos: One-Ninety/Weekender

When at One-Ninety Restaurant, expect to be floored by the sheer amount of choices at their signature Market Fresh Semi-Buffet.

The refreshed buffet now offers a sweeping selection of more than 30 entrees across three gastronomical specialties — namely items from its apple wood grill, Asian favourites and Italian cuisine.

To best experience the spread, we recommend gathering a bunch of like-minded foodies to share.

After all, the semi-buffet gives one unlimited access to appetisers, cheeses and seasonal produce, alongside hearty entrees.

To cut to the chase, we’ve rounded up our top picks for your next visit:

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1. Signature Truffle Focaccia

As creatures of comfort, we return time and again for the Signature Truffle Foccacia. Once a special off-menu treat, it proved to be so popular that the restaurant added it to its line-up.

Each bite of the soft focaccia bread gives way to an aromatic filling of black truffle and mascarpone cheese; a truly delightful way to start the meal.

2. Australian Black Angus

Good steak is always appreciated, and the Australian Black Angus fits the bill perfectly.

The lean cut of meat offers the right amount of tenderness and succulence, with a pronounced fragrance from the apple-wood it’s been grilled with.

That said, the side of fries was lackluster at best.

3. Fusilli Puttanesca

For the uninitiated, Fusilli Puttanesca translates literally to “in the style of prostitutes”, supposed due to its captivating taste.

Despite its scandalous name, the home-style dish was comforting and tasty, with bright and bold flavours from tomatoes, capers, olives and basil.

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