5 Mala-Flavoured Snacks For That Spicy Kick Whenever You Crave It

Bite-sized, portable versions of Mala Xiang Guo

It's one of life's greatest mysteries why we love the things that hurt us. We still haven't found an explanation for our Mala mania. Even when our tongue burns, and we wish we could wash it down with the tears welling up in our eyes, we still stuff another mouthful of that spicy noodles. If you're like us, and often crave that fragrant explosion of flavours, good news! You can have Mala all day, every day, by munching on these unique Mala-flavoured snacks. Stock them up in your office and kitchen cupboard - you'll thank yourself when you wake up feeling hot at 3am.

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5. Ooh Mala potato and cassava chips

These Mala-flavoured chips will make you go ooh~ through your trembling lips, that is! The first Mala chips in Singapore by Ooh now come in two types, potato and cassava, to double your mouth-numbing addiction. Be warned that they will have you not only gulping lots of water to put out that heat, but also continue reaching for the next chip, and the next. Spice things up even more by trying the Mala Kaisen Don at Teppei Syokudo, available until 16 October – they crack Ooh’s Mala chips on top of the salmon and rice!

You can find the chips ($30 for 5 packs) at the official online store.

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