5 Great Dishes Under $7 To Try At Bangkok’s Famous Took Lae Dee, Now Open In Singapore

At just $3.80, you can enjoy their bestselling pad krow

Photos: Took Lae Dee

In case you need further proof that Singapore is a food paradise, Bangkok’s famous restaurant Took Lae Dee has chosen to launch its first overseas branch here on our shores.

Lauded by CNN as Thailand’s best all-night food counter and one of the things that make Bangkok the world’s greatest city, Took Lae Dee has been delighting locals and visitors alike in Bangkok since 1972. While the new branch in Singapore may not be open 24/7, the food we’re getting is nothing short of the authentic quality and amazing value for money that have made the restaurant famous. Took Lae Dee isn’t exaggerating with its name, which literally translates to “cheap and good”.

The next time you’re craving some tom yum, head over to Took Lae Dee at Tai Seng!

Here are five of the restaurant's signature dishes you must order:

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4. Pad Pak Boong ($5)

If you love your vegetables with a hint of spice, go for the pad pak boong – Thai morning glory (or kang kong, as it is better known to Singaporeans) stir-fried with chili and garlic. The vegetables are crunchy and plump, with just the right amount of spice. It’s a simple dish, but Took Lae Dee elevates it by using fresh ingredients and a rich blend of Thai sauces.

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