These 5 Dishes Will Have You Returning To Botanico At The Garage

Tuck into seasonality-driven food, in a heritage building surrounded by lush greenery

Photos: Botanico

The Garage wasn't always a dining destination nestled in the lush greenery of Botanical Gardens, home to two hip concepts, Botanico and Bee's Knees.

Its unusual name is courtesy of a storied past.

The two-story Art Deco conservation building once served as the garage for the cars of college professors and a residence for their drivers; a school of ornamental horticulture and an office space.

While Bee's Knees, situated on the ground floor, makes a great destination for casual all-day dining, we're inevitably drawn to Botanico on the second floor.

Here, one appreciates the beauty of space well used — hanging planters dangle gently from the rafters, while ample sunlight streams in from large windows.

Everything feels expansive and comfortable, setting the scene for a seasonality-driven menu packed with bold flavours.

Here are five dishes worth ordering again, and again:

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2. Chargrilled Carabinero, $34

The robust flavours of this dish is second only to its well-played textures. Like comfort food at its best, mellow rice and Bomba rice is cooked in a prawn bisque made from a stock of carabinero prawn heads, then topped with pork crackling. On the side are chargrilled carabinero prawns, bursting with sweetness.

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