5 Places For Delicious Baos That Can Rival Your Favourite Burgers

Soft, pillowy and delicious, these bao-burger hybrids are worth trying

Why hasn't anybody thought of this combination earlier?

Soft and warm mantou buns — once a strictly Asian staple, make the perfect vessel for all sorts of fillings, from bulgogi beef to pulled pork.

Here are five to try:

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Photo: The Tuckshop

5. The Tuckshop

Communal dining may be encouraged at The Tuckshop, but you might want to have the Pulled Pork Buns all to yourself. The pulled pork filling is juicy, tender and flavourful; pairing wonderfully with the soft mantou buns. Savouring just one is simply not enough!


Must-tries: Pulled Pork Bun, Ribeye Beef Tataki

403 Guillemard Road

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