5 Places For Delicious Baos That Can Rival Your Favourite Burgers

Soft, pillowy and delicious, these bao-burger hybrids are worth trying

Why hasn't anybody thought of this combination earlier?

Soft and warm mantou buns — once a strictly Asian staple, make the perfect vessel for all sorts of fillings, from bulgogi beef to pulled pork.

Here are five to try:

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Photo: Bao Makers

2. Bao Makers

Ample natural light and spacious window seats make Bao Makers a lovely spot for a midday catch-up session. Their bao burgers are soft and pillowy, sandwiching fillings with distinctive Asian flavours. Be sure to try the Bulgolgi Bao, which comes with marinated and spicy strips of pork.


Must-tries: Bulgolgi Bao, Chilli Crab Bao, Salted Egg Yolk Prawn Bao

78 Horne Road


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