5 Culinary Delights To Indulge In When At Central Japan

Fancy a cone of Wasabi soft serve?

Aside from the enchanting mix of historic and new attractions, Central Japan's understated prefectures of Toyama, Nagano and Gifu also entice with a whole plethora of culinary marvels. Tantalising and unique in their own right, here are five delicacies to look out for if you ever visit these three prefectures.

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 5. Ayu Skewers at Ayu Ryori No Mise Ayu No Sato,  Toyama Prefecture

Like a bloodthirsty scene out of Game Of Thrones, rows of fish skewers hover over ferocious flames that gently lick the pint-sized, scaly bodies into a charred crisp. A sight to behold, one may comment when stepping into the Japanese restaurant of Ayu Ryori No Mise Ayu No Sato. Caught from Toyama Bay, the restaurant is known for its charcoal barbecued Ayu, or sweet fish, which is cooked crisp to the point where you can eat the fish entirely, head and bones included. With only salt, the barbecued Ayu skewers were seasoned generously that made it impossible to stop at just one. The perfect pairing came in the form soft Japanese rice that eased out the saltiness, hence allowing for one more…we mean, many more skewers.

2131-6 Shōgawamachi Kanaya, Tonami-shi, Toyama-ken 932-0305

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