3 Places To Try Multi-Tiered Steamboat

Satisfy all your cravings at once with these grillin', steamin' and boilin' steamboats

Why pick between a steamboat and a BBQ when you can have both? Or better yet, have all the methods of cooking your ingredients at your disposal?

Thanks to the growing trend of multi-tiered steamboats, diners can enjoy the convenience of boiling their seafood, grilling their meats and even dipping the items into bubbly cheese — all at once.

Here are three to try:

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Photo: Captain K Seafood Tower

2. Captain K Seafood Tower

If variety is key to a good feast, then Captain K Seafood Tower must nail it with its nine-tiered seafood tower, which can feed up to nine persons or more. The metal tiers hold various items including mussels and clams, Boston lobsters, squid with rice stuffing, scallops with vermicelli, followed by a flavourful soup base such as Kombu Dashi.

Prices start from $68.90 for three tiers.

#01-02, Income@Prinsep, 30 Prinsep Street

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