10 Best Poke Bowl Joints In Singapore To Satisfy Your Cravings

Say po-kay and dig into these hearty and healthy bowls of marinated raw fish salads

Poke bowls are fast becoming a popular meal choice among the health conscious or plain hungry.

After all, these raw fish salads are filling, delicious and won't distract you too much from your dieting goals.

For the curious, its origins lie in Hawaii, where poke is commonly enjoyed as an appetiser.

Here in Singapore, you'll find poke ingredients and seasonings heavily influenced by various Asian cuisines, often served with other crunchy and flavourful add-ons.

Here are 10 places in Singapore to get your fix:

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Photo: A Poke Theory

2. A Poke Theory

This poke bar offers four types of marinated fish — Avocado Miso Salmon, Spicy Mayo Salmon, Spicy Garlic Sesame and Original Shoyu Tuna, which diners can pair with their signature sushi rice, Jasmine brown rice, lemon herb quinoa or romaine lettuce.

Every bowl comes with furikake, nori flakes and sesame seeds, with the option to add premium toppings like kale chips, roasted cashews and crispy salmon skin. We recommend getting tips from the staff on the best flavour pairings.

27 Boon Tat Street

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