10 Best Places For The Juiciest & Meatiest Burgers In Singapore

Get down and dirty with handmade patties, gourmet cheese and smoky sauces

There are times when even your favourite fast food joint can't satisfy your desire for a messy and meaty hunk of a burger.

Here's when these ten dining establishments come in  — each one offers top-notch burgers with no-holds-barred, house-made ingredients, from bun to patty.

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Photo: Overeasy

10. Overeasy

The American-style diner is great for group-style dining, although their delicious burgers are best enjoyed all to oneself. Made with a wagyu chuck-blend, the beef patties are flavourful and juicy. We like the Truffle Burger, which is a cheeky take on Burger King’s Mushroom Swiss and comes with a fancy house-made black truffle mayonnaise.


#01-06, One Fullerton, 1 Fullerton Road


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