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Tourists Are Scaling Cliffs Via A 4,700ft Glass Walkway

Dare you scale Tianmen Mountain on a transparent skywalk suspended from the summit?

Photos: Shutterstock


As though scaling a mountain and teetering off its ledge (like with this insane 1,000ft-high swing) wasn’t extreme enough, visitors to Tianmen Mountain are now testing their limits with a new heart-stopping attraction.

The Coiled Dragon Cliff has just opened to the public in August this year, allowing visitors to almost walk on air. It stretches some 100m and measures 1,400m from the ground. It is the third glass skywalk in the Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area.

It offers an unparalleled panoramic view of the stunning canyon landscape – if you can even keep your eyes open while crossing it.


There are two other glass skywalks in the Tianmen Mountain area, 1.6km of non-glass bottomed cliff-hanging walkways and one glass bridge that is reportedly the world’s longest and highest. Tianmen Mountain is also home to the world’s longest cable car ride.