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#BucketList: Treat Your Pup To A Swim And Beer At This Dog Beach Bar In Croatia

Cross this one off the bucket list for your pooches

Photos: Monty’s Dog Beach and Bar Crikvenica

There are lots of unique travel experiences that are a paradise for animal lovers. However, we think our furry friends might enjoy Monty’s Dog Beach & Bar even more than us.

Located in Crikvenica, Croatia, Monty’s Dog Beach & Bar is the country’s first dog-friendly beach and beachside bar. Since business began in 2016, they have been attracting furry visitors and their human companions from all over the world.

In the gorgeous blue waters, your pup can join you to take a splash and paddle around with other dogs. If they’re not ready to get all wet yet, they can float around on a kickboard or air matress. To shower off after your swim, the beach bar’s got special freshwater showers to wash off all the salt on both dogs and dog owners.

Monty’s turned up the fun even higher when they held a one-of-a-kind swim race last year. Fifteen dogs and their owners paired up to fight it out over a 100-metre swim from the pier to the shore. We hope Monty’s make the race an annual thing – it looks like so much adorable fun!

After a good swim, it’s time to kick back and refuel. Monty’s serves up delicious treats for both you and your pooch, including the signature doggy beer. Don’t worry, your dog won’t get intoxicated. Made of chicken or beef, malt barley extracts, and vegetables, the “beer” is a safe and yummy concoction for your pup to enjoy with other dog-safe dishes, such as pizza and chips!

On a warm day, your dog can cool down to the doggy ice-cream, made from bananas, peanut butter, yoghurt and soy milk.

And of course, Monty’s offers a human menu for you to eat and drink alongside your furry friends.

Whether you have a dog or not, we bet you can’t resist snapping hundreds of pictures of the cute dogs at Monty’s. The free wifi at Monty’s makes it no excuse not to share all the good memories all over Instagram and Facebook.

Speaking of cute photographs, let’s take a look at more of the happy canine customers at Monty’s:

Careful not to let your dog see these photos, though – they might drag you all the way to Croatia!