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5 Hiking Spots Around Asia To Visit On Your Next Trip

A great way to experience the natural scenery and get a workout

Written by Nicolette Foster

Asia is the world’s biggest and most populous continent, and it’s teeming with some of the most breathtaking hiking spots around the world — from the cold corners of the Everest base camp to the rice terraces in Vietnam. So if you’re looking for a unique hiking experience, the diverse and exciting region of Asia is one of the best places to explore.

If you're just about ready to go, remember to pack light as it can get busy and crowded in most Asian cities. Bring a few essentials, like mosquito repellent, universal travel adapter, and a small camera. When it comes to your toiletries, travel and adventure blog Adventure In You recommends bringing a significant amount of sunblock, particularly the high-quality and reef-safe kind. Since it can be humid in Asia, you need to pay close attention to your shampoo and hair-cleaning routine, too. You can bring anti-humidity gels and oils or an anti-frizz spray. You can also try relaxing moisturising fluid if you want to preserve a pin-straight look. Asian beauty and fashion website Pretty Me advises basing your strategy for hair washing not only on your hair texture, but also on skin type and styling preferences.

Just be sure to bring environment-friendly products so you don’t contribute to the pollution in the local destinations you’re going to visit. This way, you can be sure to look great on your travel photos and not have to worry so much on the trails in these great spots:

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5. Everest Base Camp, Nepal

This climb will take you to the base of the highest mountain in the world. It’s not for the unfit and beginner travellers, but it’s definitely something worth practising for. The heights you would need to climb to reach just the base of the Everest is literally and figuratively dizzying, but the awe-inspiring scenery that you would pass through while you climb makes the struggle definitely a good tradeoff. 

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