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10 Ways To Turn Your Staycation Into An Adventure

Get to know the ‘hood all over again, with Park Regis’ local walking guide

Photos: Weekender/Park Regis

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When it comes to staycations, you often find two distinct camps.

You’ve got the seasoned travelers who eschew the thought of vacationing in their own country, then you’ve got the ones who appreciate a blissed-out weekend ‘getaway’ right in their hometown.

But who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? At Park Regis, we found adventure and creature comfort in equal measure thanks to their newly launched #sginsiders local walking guide.

Curated with the help of influencers Aarika Lee, Sara Wee and Divian Nair, the handy guide features lifestyle locales within just 15 minutes walk from the hotel.

Along with what the cosy hotel has to offer, we sussed out ten easy ways for you to turn your staycation into a full-fledged adventure — whether you’re a local or tourist.

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