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#WeekenderTries: 3 Products For Party-Ready Skin

Before you start your year-end partying, prep your skin so you won’t have to deal with a dry or flaky aftermath

We’re hardcore beauty junkies, but we know there’s only so much makeup can do. Instead of layering on to conceal, why not start with a flawless canvas instead?
Before the festive season officially arrives and you start your merry-making, here are three products we recently tried and tested for that pre-holiday glow.

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Step 1. Fancl Moisturizing Essence ($64/18ml)

The Fancl Moisturizing Essence contains hyaluronic acid that helps your skin maintain optimum hydration from inside out. The gentle formula helps to refine skin’s texture, smoothen dry and fine lines and improve it’s natural defence system.


“The Fancl Moisturising Essence feels refreshing and it moistures my skin fairly well without an oily feeling. The light texture glides on my skin easily and application was a breeze. What I like about it is that it is preservative-free, so you have to finish it after 60 days (read: ingredients are kept fresh). A small bottle retails for $64, which might be on the slightly pricey, but is definitely a great investment for better skin!” – Felicia, Marketing Coordinator

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