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Our Lives Were Made Better After Downloading These 7 Apps In Our Smartphones

Some are old, some are new

With hundreds of thousands of apps out in the App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store, it has become a growing challenge to suss out apps that are not only useful, but also easy to use. These apps either make our lives more convenient, organised or shake up the way we lead our daily lives. After downloading and trying a long list of applications, here are some of our favourites that we feel will make your lives better!

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Photo: Agenda

1. Agenda 

Ever taken reminders down on your iPhone notes app but still forgotten to attend to them? Or when you are in the calendar app, wanting to take down notes but having limited typing space? Agenda brings on this unique take on note taking and how individuals organise their daily schedule.

Photo: Agenda

Adding events from your notes to your calendar

When you take notes, you can attach dates to notes and then link them to your calendar right away thus ensuring you do not schedule a conflicting appointment or miss on an arrangement. Alternatively, you can choose to flag this note as ‘On the Agenda’, notes flagged receive special status, allowing you to search for them more efficiently and easily.

Photo: Agenda


Agenda allows you not only just edit plain but also rich text, therefore, giving you complete freedom to stylise your text. Your highlighed tasks are also made visible in your notes. This way, you will not find your necessary to-dos lost amongst the sea of words you had written.

Premium features

As with most apps, Agenda comes with in-app purchases for you to fully utilise its functions. Unlocking its premium uses allows you to choose and exclude calendars that appear in the app, thus minimising your interactions with events that are unimportant. It also allows you to create events from within the calendar app while synching to all devices. One special feature is the ability to copy and export Markdown. Coders and fellow programmers rejoice as whatever code written can be directly translated into any website or other apps in progress.

Available for download on iOS and macOS

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