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New Fragrances To Add To His And Her Perfume Wardrobe

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1. Miss Dior Bobby 2nd Edition, S$1200.00/90ml

Bobby Miss Dior EDP 2022 is back with a legendary mascot that belongs to the history of the house of Dior. Like an eternally charming and delightful character trait. The 2nd edition contains floral accords that see the colourful profusion of the millefiori where an elegant rose blossoms accord, powdered with noble iris note and heightened by sexy peony note.

The Entire Spirit Of Dior Is Contained In A Chic Little Dog In New Couture Finery By Maria Grazia Chiuri, Issued As A Numbered Series Housing The New Miss Dior Eau De Parfum. There are only 3200 pieces available worldwide.

This limited edition EDP will be available exclusively at Dior Beauty boutique.

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