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Latest Smart Beauty Tools That You Need on Your Vanity Table

Are you ready for the future of skincare?

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8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKINCARE Time Machine, S$398.00

Happy Birthday Skincare is a new brand that has recently swept Instagram with its Time Machine. A small and handy device that comes with different LED lights for different functions.

– Red LED diminishes signs of ageing and boosts self-repair
– Green LED evens out skin tones, brightens dull complexions and softens dark spots
– Blue LED stabilizes overactive oil production and prevents breakouts

After cleansing and toning the skin, apply essence. Move the Time Machine in upward strokes from your cheeks. Apply the same technique to your forehead. Moving the device over the neck and chin area is the final step. Massage any excess Time Essence into your skin. Finish with moisturizer. Combine Time Essence (their serum)  with Happy Birthday’s Time Machine (LED light therapy device) for better results.

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