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#WeekenderTries: V-Shaped Face Slimming At Aesthetics Central Clinic

Take your shot at getting a slim V-shaped face like the celebrities

If you are skeptical about botox, chin implants, chin fillers, and nose fillers, you are not alone. These methods have been introduced to the public for a very long time, but most of us are still in doubt about trying them. We worry that there would be side effects and uneven muscles, or that a lifetime maintenance would be necessary.

But despite telling myself I do not need such aesthetic treatments – and many ladies can empathise with this – I admit I wish I have a V-shaped face, which is a symbol of beauty and more visually appealing compared to all other face shapes. So, when I heard about a non-invasive treatment that could help achieve the look, I decided to give it a shot.

How can one get a slimmer V-shaped face without having to go under the knife? The Aesthetics Central Clinic offers a range of face lifts, facial fillers and more using cutting-edge technologies that do not require surgery at all. My first session at the clinic kicked off with a consultation, where Dr. Chow took the time to understand my individual needs, and suggested that I undergo Sygmalift, botox jaw reduction and chin fillers.

Face Lift using Sygmalift HIFU, ~$500 per session

What is Face Lift using Sygmalift HIFU?

For those who want to tighten areas of the neck, jawline and around the eye, or melt facial fats in unwanted areas, SygmaLift is the treatment for you. It also combats signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and fine lines, while enhancing the youthful bounciness of the skin.

How is the process of the Face Lift using Sygmalift HIFU like?

The treatment begins like your typical facial, by cleansing your face. Then, a cold gel is applied on the face using Cold Laser technology, to boost collagen synthesis and growth factor production, and bring out a radiant glow on the skin from the inside. The whole session takes less than 30 minutes.

How long will the results last?

I could see that my face looks slimmer right after my first session! According to Aesthetics Central Clinic, the results of the treatment would get more and more visible over the first 40 days after the first treatment, and then keep on taking effect up to 12 months. How long the results can last really depends on the individual patient’s age and skin condition, and the doctor will make personalised recommendations during the consultation before the treatment. A follow-up treatment every week, for over three to six weeks, is the generally recommended frequency for Face Lift using Sygmalift HIFU.

Botox Jaw Reduction, ~$1200 per session

What is Botox Jaw Reduction?


It’s a non-surgical treatment designed to help patients reduce facial fats and make your face look slimmer and more defined. It’s your ticket to that much sought-after V-shaped or almond-shaped face! The jaw and the chin are the two main target areas in this treatment, where Botox is injected into the muscles to gradually slacken them, so the areas become smaller and narrower over several months.

How is the process of the Botox Jaw Reduction like?

After examining my face shape, my doctor drew marks at three spots – left jaw, right jaw and chin – where he would then make one injection each. The injections happened so fast, I felt almost no pain. My doctor was assisted by a therapist who was applying a vibration device to my face to reduce the pain of the injections, and I didn’t even notice that the procedure has commenced as I was so wholly focused on the vibrating sensation! Five minutes had not yet passed, and the session was over.

How long will the results last?

Like the Sygmalift, I could see my jawline looking a bit more defined after the first treatment. You might not be able to see big improvements on it for the first two to three weeks after your treatment. But be patient, and it will be worth the wait – the peak improvement is said to happen between the third and ninth month, while the results can last around a year, depending on the patient’s maintenance.

Chin Filler, ~$400 to $1200

What is Chin Filler?

The second step in the Facial Slimming treatment moves on from the jaw to the chin. As we get older, many areas on our face start to sag, especially around the eyes, cheeks and jowls. But we often forget about the chin. Sculpting the contours of your chin is key to getting a more proportionate, toned and slimmer face shape. A chin filler is a non-surgical injection of hyaluronic acid, which we produce naturally in our own bodies. It helps to lengthen the chin and restore volume to it, so that the shape is more accentuated and youthful.

How is the process of the Chin Filler like?

All it took was one quick and simple injection into a specific spot on my chin, using a thin needle that hurt only a very little bit. After massaging my chin area gently to ensure that the hyaluronic acid spreads evenly within, the doctor asked me to lie still for a while. And just like that, under five minutes again, the treatment is over!

How long will the results last?

You can look forward to your chin looking visibly more slender and defined pretty much immediately after the treatment! The results can last for almost a year depending on how it is maintained.

The specific hyaluronic acid filler I got was Restylane Lyft, a top quality product in the filler world akin to a Mercedes in the world of cars. There are different filler options used in non-surgical facial fillers, with the popular ones in Singapore being Restylane and Juvederm.

After going through all the facts, it’s time to show some visible proof! Here are some before/after photos I took for comparison:

The verdict

If you’re tired of using photo editing apps like Meitu and BeautyPlus to beautify your face in photos, Botox jaw reduction and chin fillers can be your answer. Combined with a regular Sygmalift session, the treatments can make you look like your favourite K-drama celebrities!

And, as mentioned over and over, maintenance is very important in making sure the favourable results continue to improve and last long. Keep on showing your new skin love by carrying on with your regular skincare routine at home.

If you’re interested in trying any one or all of the above treatments, I recommend the Aesthetics Central Clinic. Look for Dr. Chow Yuen Ho! A highly trained and experienced dermatologist, including many years at Singapore General Hospital, Dr. Chow specialises in aesthetic dermatological procedures and lasers. He was an excellent doctor to have for my first facial filler. He was friendly and clear in explaining how my treatments would go, and during the treatments, he was very gentle with my face, touching it like he’s touching a baby! You can feel assured to have someone like Dr. Chow, who knows very well what he’s doing, to perform a facial filler for you.

Find out more about facial filler treatments offered at The Aesthetics Central Clinic here.

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