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Lucille Croft: “I’m A Gamer Girl At Heart”

The multi-talented Australian DJ and model shares how technology transformed her life


Lucille Croft has built up quite an impressive reputation. Besides being a fashion designer, model and producer, the Aussie DJ has also played at some of Melbourne’s biggest festivals and most prestigious venues.

Come November, Lucille will also be one of the guest DJs for “It’s The Ship”, Asia’s largest electronic dance music cruise festival at sea.

The multi-hyphenate takes some time off to share with us her best tech tricks and tips.

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Hi Lucille, what’s up?

Oh my, I’ve been as busy as a bee. Besides being in the studio (my first single is finally almost ready after two years), I’ve also been modelling commercially and am currently designing my own choker range. I also try to dedicate some time for my personal health and fitness. I’ve been trying to get into better shape!

What are some music programmes you use to dj?

Soundcloud is great for me because I can post mixes (my mix series is called Lucid Vision) as well as live recordings from sets. It’s a rad platform to post and share. I’ve started to use other programs such as Spotify as an alternative for others to access my music on a larger sharing platform.


How has technology changed the way you make music?

It changed drastically. I love that everything is now digital, and we don’t need to buy 1,000 big physical synths and have 10,000 cords running around your studio.

I can basically work off my laptop, everywhere and anywhere I want. This is important to me because I like to move around to get my creativity and ideas flowing.

I’m obsessed with all things futuristic, and I can’t tell you how excited I am for the future of music with the way technology is heading!

What do you use on-the-go?

I always travel with at least two phone chargers. I tend to be a klutz and leave them everywhere. I also love bringing a pair of Frends headphones, so I can listen to music while I’m on-the-go. It’s a good time for me to suss out new music and explore different genres (I’ve recently been listening to classical music for a change). Lastly, my Nintendo DS follows me. I’m a massive gamer at heart, and I like to play the old Zelda games.

Your thoughts on social media?

It’s quite crazy how our whole lives now literally revolve around social media! I find that social media platforms are the best way to promote myself as a DJ/model and influencer.

Before social media, I was a really private person. But now, it’s cool that people follow me and are interested in my life and what I’m doing on a day-to-day basis. I always feel flattered when someone shows an interest in what I’m doing!

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How do you strike a balance between being a model, designer and DJ?

Everyone asks me this! Funny enough, it all works in perfect synchronisation. I get coverage as a DJ when I do photo shoots and work with brands. I’ve actually been booked for campaigns and modelling jobs when clients spot me at gigs. I think brands like the idea of a DJ/model, and to be honest I put in everything I have into both sides. It gets hard sometimes to keep up with everything, but I really do love what I do.

Your favourite apps are…

Menulog for food delivery and Afterlight for editing images. Hungry Shark and Pokemon Go are unbelievably addictive games!

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Lastly, I’m obsessed with Sky Guide. You can find constellations, planets and satellites when you point your phone in the sky — how cool is that?

What’s something you’re secretly good at?

Gaming. I grew up with two older brothers and we’re a family of nerds. My mum is actually a ranked player in an online game called Diablo 3. We’re all really competitive.

While some families goes out for brunches, we all bring our computers over and try to beat each other at Warcraft. It’s fabulous.

What’s your favourite emoji?

Sometimes, I think I communicate purely with emojis. My favourite has got to be the eye-rolling face. I also like the nerd face, wine, pizza and the dancing salsa woman.

Your kind of music is…

Future. Bassy. Something a little bit darker, but energetic and exciting.


Fill in the blanks. People call you _____ and this is because ________.

People call me Lara because my last name is Croft, like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Salted caramel chocolate. It’s incredibly delicious.

How do you treat yourself on your off-work day?

Playing games, sleeping in, watching shark documentaries and enjoying saunas.

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of Weekender, Issue 161, September 16 – September 29, 2016, with the headline ‘Lucille Croft: “I’m a gamer girl at heart”’.