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In curbing animal abuse, we need better education efforts too

Contributed by EUNICE LI DAN YUE – 

Education Efforts Play A Part In Curbing Animal Abuse

Besides tougher legislation, we need to have better education efforts too, if we are to have a society that is more compassionate towards animals (“Cautious welcome for animal protection Bill”; Straits Times, Oct 15).

Why Do People Abuse Animals?

Animal abuse cases are on the rise in Singapore.

A lot of times, people hurt animals because they do not think or realise what they are doing is wrong.

People commit the act not knowing what they are doing is cruel. For example, a person may have his dogs walk on two legs just like a human being, thinking that this is cute; but in fact, this is cruel as it deprives the dog of its proper walking functions.

Then there are hoarders who take in so many animals because they love them. Unfortunately, they cannot care for all the animals they take in, and the animals end up living in a place that is cramped, dirty and unhealthy.

How To Help The Above Group Of People Who Abuse Animals?

Nearly all of these people can learn to understand that they are being cruel through education and increasing their awareness of the needs of our animal neighbours. Since most of the people who abuse animals make up this group, this means that most of the people who abuse animals can be helped with basic education.

Why Do Young People Abuse Animals?

Education efforts play a crucial role in curbing animal abuse.

Sometimes, young people abuse animals and they keep on doing it, because they cannot stand up to their friends and peer pressure. They may think it is fun to watch an animal suffer, without really thinking about how it feels.

They might be trying to show off to their friends, so as to go with the flow; or they may be with a group of friends who are all trying to impress each other, so as to fit into the group.

These people can be helped through education and support too.

How Education Can Help Prevent Abuse Of Animals?

In fact, schools and parents can encourage their children to volunteer their time to the various animal shelters during weekends and school holidays, so that children can learn about the responsibilities and benefits that come with being a pet owner, so they can see the negative effects of animal abuse and abandonment.

Students can also ask teachers to have a representative from the animal welfare group to give a talk to the whole school, so that they can understand more on being a pet owner and how to prevent animal abuse.


Hopefully, with tougher legislation and better education efforts, the welfare of animals in our country can be improved considerably.

By Eunice Li Dan Yue