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9 Tips for the Perfect First Date

Are you ready to revolutionize your dating experience?

Nothing is scarier than a first date. You get one chance to make an impression – make sure you make it count!

Don’t worry, science is here to help!

Are you ready to revolutionize your dating experience?
Do you think wining and dining would do the trick? Well, that’s not enough!

In preparation for official launch of GaiGai (走街), a bespoke dating service in Singapore from Paktor, we asked neuroscience expert, Professor Jean Liu and Master Stylist Kyla Tan for tips on planning the perfect first date. Charlene Koh, CMO and co-founder of Paktor, brings to the table some mighty useful advice too!

Ready to bid adieu to your dating woes?


Tip #1: Find a dinner place with candle light/ dim lighting

No, not because both parties would look better with tricky lighting. It is because candle light/ dim lighting has a calming, relaxing effect. It loosens up both parties and opens the conversation to something deeper, beyond the scratch-surface, “What do you work as?” talk.


Tip #2: Meet your date at a place that promises an adrenaline rush

Prof. Jean knocked my socks off with this.

Did you know that it is best to meet someone while they are experiencing an adrenaline rush? When your date is experiencing adrenaline, it causes him/ her to see you in an instantly more attractive light. How about that!

This opens up a variety of places to meet a person. It could be the gym, in the park or at an amusement park.

Tip #3: Always show interest

Even if he is talking about the fabric of his shirt, persist and keep on your million dollar smile.


Tip #4: Never talk about your past lovers

Kyla reminds us that it is easy to lapse into talking about a past lover. You will not realize it, but it will come to play when you realize how the way your date eats reminds you of the way your past lover did. You may feel like mentioning it – don’t. Take a big bite of your steak and shut it!


Tip #5: Maintain eye contact

Prof. Jean adds that, for females, you can opt for a contact lens that accentuates the shine in your eyes. No, we are not kidding. Watery, dreamy eyes mimic an eye dilate, which in turns is the clearest sign of interest. Thank god for contacts!

Tip #6: Have quality conversation

This goes out to the women: try to stay on one topic. Yes, it is easy to meander and talk about shoes after you brought up your new Birkin handbag. But men prefer to stay in one topic. As co-founder Charlene put it, “Men think in grids, try to not veer off the topic. Stick to one!”


Tip #7: Do not treat it as a business meeting

You don’t have to whip out your newly printed name-cards and you don’t have to bring up work every three minutes. And I can’t believe this needs to be said but do not treat your date as a potential client! Do not try to sell her an insurance plan or a new health supplement. Leave that to be done on your own office hours.


Tip #8: Sleep more and eat more veggies the night before

Most motherly advice in the world, isn’t it?

Prof. Jean swears by a good night’s sleep and a well diet before a first date. There is a radiance that only good rest and healthy food can exude – make sure you capture that!

Kyla adds that certain “pink-ish” foods such as beetroot and dragon-fruit helps bloom an effeminate glow on your cheeks.

But of all:

Tip #9: Be Yourself

Cheesy as it is, this is truly the most important rule of all. How long can you keep up a facade? Might as well be yourself and be loved for it! Tricks and tips can get you so far – the rest depends on you.

Good luck!

By Nicole Lee

Weekender would like to thank Prof. Jean, Kyla Tan (http://kylatan.com/) and Charlene Koh (http://gopaktor.com/) for their invaluable contributions to this article. Thank you for spicing up our first dates!