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#whattowatch: Movies And Performances To Watch This Month

Are you leaning towards the adorable or the spooky side of movies this month?

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7. Deyunshe Talk Show (永庆升平2024 德云社郭德纲/于谦相声专场海外巡演新加坡站)

Heads up, Singapore fans of Chinese comedy! The DEYUNSHE TALK SHOW is coming to town on 27  May  2024, bringing a night of laughter and traditional crosstalk to The Star Theatre.

This is your chance to witness performers from the renowned Deyunshe troupe, known for their witty banter, rapid-fire dialogue, and cultural references. The show will likely feature Guo Degang, a popular crosstalk performer, and other skilled artists from the troupe.

Get ready for an evening of side-splitting humor and a unique cultural experience. Tickets are available through Sistic, so grab yours soon and prepare for a night of laughter with Deyunshe!

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