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#whattowatch: Movies And Performances To Watch January 2024

We have shows from all over Asia this month! Look forward to productions from Korea, Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

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1. Our Season

On the third anniversary of her passing, “Bok-ja” (Kim Hae-sook) is granted a three-day leave from heaven. Accompanied by “Guide” (Kang Ki-young), a newcomer to his celestial role, she learns and adheres to the rules during her earthly visit. Her thrill of reuniting with her daughter, a distinguished professor in the United States whom she deeply admires, is short-lived. Instead, Bok-ja is taken aback to discover her daughter “Jin-ju” (Shin Min-a) has returned to their rural home and is now running a home-style restaurant. Unaware of her mother’s disappointment and frustration, Jin-ju begins to reminisce about her mother’s recipes with her close friend “Mi-jin” (Hwang Bo-ra), who comes to see her. As Jin-ju recreates these familiar dishes, long-forgotten memories between mother and daughter resurface…

Cast: Kim Hae-Sook, Shin Min-A, Kang Ki-Young, Hwang Bo-Ra

Release Date: 4 January 2024

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