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G-dragon Sizzle In A Cool Collaboration With TS Shampoo

G-Dragon sets hearts aflutter with an easy style and panache in his latest collaborative endeavour featuring TS Shampoo.

My Brilliant Moments brings together a collection of alluring visuals that sets the theme for this summer season’s sultry campaign. In it, G-Dragon sports an edgy bob of medium length locks tousled in a slick, wet look and a wispy relaxed style – an obvious ode to the boyish looks of teen heartthrobs of the early 2000s. G-Dragon’s composed charm and swagger swell with confidence and it is on clear display as he engages viewers with his poise and glides across the studio floor.

The concept for this visual kaleidoscope of ideas was conceived as an intimate one-on-one peek at the much-adored performer, and he returns all that affection, through every frame with flirtatious glances and furtive expressions. At the same time, the video is playful and revels in a youthful candor that is open, expressive and raw.

As with many of the trends that he has touted in the past, we are sure to see the beginnings of a new fashion fad here. Unlike his pre-military mop that has come in many colour combinations, shapes and lengths over the years, G-Dragon lets his natural hue take centre stage this time with a soft matte black frame that gently ski ems the edges of his face. He sports a more sleek and aggressive hairstyle in the later segment – an edgier look hidden behind several ruffled sheaves of jet black hair, revealing a rebellious streak belied by his soft androgynous features.

The Clothes Maketh The Man

“I want to show my true self, not how I want to be seen by others” – G-Dragon

Accentuating the pastel green colour palette, G-Dragon is seen in a muted viridescent tweed jacket paired with a classic white T-shirt and jeans staple. The textures add a counter balancing gritty sharpness to his soft locks. To round off the look, colour matched accessories are added.

A wardrobe change into a much less whimsical black jeans, T-shirt and leather jacket as well as after-hours contemporary business casual pairing of black suit with white shirt sans tie certainly looks more serious but does not tamp down his swagger. His strut, soulful stare through puppy dog eyes, though fashionably ambivalent and reticent at the same time, was made to melt hearts.

Partnership for Posterity

The latest collaboration with G-Dragon underscores the company’s expansion ambitions and its desire for greater regional penetration. G-Dragon joins soccer player Son Heung-min and actor Lee Jang-woo as new faces of “TS Shampoo” as ambassadors for the Korean and also Chinese markets (China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), where his popularity and acclaim has all but reached fever-pitch. The continued synergies between G-Dragon’s personal brand and that of TS Shampoo is expected to reverberate through the generations as his appeal continues to win new fans, even as he keeps existing admirers enthralled. As it is, TS Trillion’s La Perfume had successful sales and sold out all their supplies that were prepared for their ‘TS Shampoo’ campaign at  CJ On-Style’s ‘Sseul Beauty’ home shopping event. If this is any indication of the buzz to come, TS Trillion’s TS Shampoo launch is gearing up to be an exciting campaign indeed.

TS Shampoo

TS Shampoo was created with quality in mind. It contains generous amounts of key ingredients to help regain a healthy scalp and is the shampoo that sets the benchmark for shampoos along with the essential concerns of hair loss. Unlike most shampoo brands, it shunned 4 of the most harmful ingredients that make up the key component of almost all other shampoo products. Silicone, Paraben, artificial colouring and synthetic perfumes are notably absent and help lessen scalp irritation which leads to a healthier head of hair.

All ingredients are naturally sourced from 32 herbals, from which the active ingredients of Biotin, Niacinamide, Zinc Pyrithione and Penthenol are extracted. Along with these are proteins: Keratin, Arginine, Methionine and tryptophan that strengthens each strand of hair.

This dedication to quality is affirmed by numerous awards that have been conferred annually by, prominent, domestic press companies such as Forbes Korea.

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