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10 Times Kim Woo-bin Was Our One True Oppa

He’s simply the whole package

Cover image: @actorkimwoobin / Instagram

With news of Kim Woo-bin (aka Woo-bin, Woo-bin Oppa or Oppa) sweeping into town next week, we may have gotten just a little excited in preparing ourselves for his arrival.

Just in case there was ever a shadow of a doubt, here are 10 best Woo-bin moments that prove we picked the right candidate to be our One True Oppa.

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Photo: Tumblr

1. When he channelled his inner Beyoncé

When filming for his upcoming film Masters, Woo-bin had to dance on set as part of a scene in the office. Interestingly, he was nervous about this and practised at home – while using Beyoncé as inspiration.

He admitted, “There aren’t many times I’ve danced in front of people, so I recorded myself dancing at home and showed it to the director. My concept was Beyoncé.”

Now we can’t help but imagine him watching YouTube videos of Beyoncé while mirroring her moves.

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