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See Rare North Korea Photos In This Special Exhibition

Catch powerful glimpses of North Korean life in this upcoming showcase by a local photojournalist

Photo: AP Photo / Wong Maye-E


“A day in North Korea” – what images come to mind when you read that sentence? Perfectly symmetrical national parade displays are perhaps expected, but how about a day out at the beach, or the simple lives that go on behind the official rallies?

See these everyday moments photographed and showcased at North of the DMZ, a photography exhibition by Singaporean photojournalist Wong Maye-E that will feature the world’s most reclusive state, North Korea.

The exhibition, which displays more than 70 photographs taken over two years, invites visitors to consider images from nationalistic rallies and parades alongside intimate slices of life on the streets, telling a deeper tale of North Korea’s carefully cultivated national image.

Be prepared to ponder topics like subjectivity and access, propaganda and reportage and perception and reality.

Wong is a veteran photojournalist who has covered major events such as the 2014 World Cup, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Thailand and Hong Kong political protests, the devastation of the Philippines typhoon and the garment factory collapse in Dhaka.

Wong has been the Associated Press’ (AP) lead photographer in North Korea since 2014, and this will be her first solo exhibition.

North of the DMZ will be open from 13 Sep-15 Oct. More information and exhibition timings here.