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10 Popular Mobile Game Apps That Don’t Cost A Single Cent

Now who says mobile gaming is an expensive pursuit?

With more than ten of thousands of mobile games available on the market, it’s almost impossible to keep track of which ones are worth downloading and which ones are merely meh. Thankfully for you, we’ve rounded up these 10 apps for your gaming pleasure. You’re welcome.

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1. Travel Frog

If you’re not exactly a fan of games that require a lot of effort, this recently viral game Travel Frog from Japan might the game you’ve been looking for your whole life. How viral you ask? Since it launched in November last year, Travel Frog has clocked over 30 million downloads!

Gameplay includes owning a cute little green frog which lives in a hut, and pretty much nothing else. The frog is fond of going on trips at its whim and fancy, during which it might send you some postcards. To be honest, we can’t wrap our fingers around this trending game too, guess we’ll have to try it out for ourselves soon.

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