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Zouk’s Insane Transformation – Here’s How It Looks Like Now

Get a glimpse of how Singapore's iconic watering hole now looks like in its new Clarke Quay home

Cover image: Courtesy of Zouk Singapore

Just weeks after saying goodbye to its Jiak Kim home and revealing its final location in Clarke Quay, Zouk Singapore is ready to reopen its doors.

Earning a swanky new look, Zouk now stands at the lot where Ministry of Sound and Phoenix Room used to be, conveniently located by the River Valley Road taxi stand.

We took an early look at the new Zouk. Here's how it has wildly changed.

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The “mothership”

The centrepiece of the Zouk dancefloor, the “mothership” is a giant UFO-like structure suspended from the ceiling that’s fitted with thousands of LED lights. As the beats turn up, the lights dance in a symphony with the music. Look up and you may spot crystal prisms emerging from the ceiling. It’s very trippy.



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