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A Sneak Peek Inside Kiztopia, Singapore’s Largest In-Mall Edutainment Playground

Here are the top play areas at the huge space, opening 15 June

Photos: Weekender

Parents, there’s a cool new place to take your kids to play this June holidays! Opening on 15 June, Kiztopia is an enormous indoor playground located at Marina Square. In fact, it is Singapore’s largest edutainment playground located inside a shopping mall. Across its whopping 18,000 square feet of space are 18 different play areas suitable for children aged 12 and below. From a trampoline and obstacle courses to role-play grocery shopping, there’s so much for the kids to do!

“Play to learn, learn through play” – that is the vision and goal behind Kiztopia. The playground is dedicated to creating meaningful play experiences for children to develop a holistic range of skills. We learn best through play and having fun, right? Even as grown-ups, which is why you should join your little ones! Kiztopia is great for the whole family to enjoy together.

We got the chance to preview Kiztopia, and we were very impressed by the innovative variety of the play areas.

Starting with the two play areas specially designed for the littlest kids – Sprite and Raby Pit are wonderful for toddlers to get active and develop their motor skills. Sprite is a beautiful ball pit connected to a mini slide and even has little obstacles that provide just the appropriate amount of challenge for toddlers. A slightly more relaxed space, Raby Pit is filled with Hinoki wood cubes, which are cleaner than sand, while emulating a similar sand play experience. Your kids can roll around and build “sandcastles” in a safer environment.

If you also have older kids, they can zip down the thrilling slides right beside Sprite and Raby Pit while you look after the toddlers.

Opposite Sprite and Raby Pit is Mojo Zone, where Kiztopia’s big brown bear mascot Bell greets you. Mojo Zone is the place to be at Kiztopia, housing one of the largest ball pit’s we have ever seen, and two giant slides that drop you into the ball pit, too! The various activities in the ball pit help your little ones practice their coordination and balance. There are also a few big banana boats that are fun to relax on, and a machine that really captivated the kids with the fascinating way it shoots balls up and into the air. And we haven’t mentioned the interactive AR Wall that invites kids to create mini fireworks when they throw the balls at the objects projected on the screen.

Right next to Mojo Zone are two more fun zones to get your kids moving: Trampio and Ninja Warrior.

The three big trampolines at Trampio were popular among not just the kids, but also us adults. Behind it, Ninja Warrior puts the kids’ agility to the challenge through – you guessed it – ninja warrior-style obstacle courses. Swing from monkey bars, leap across swiveling steps, and more!

At the centre of Kiztopia is Chug Eli, a train ride. It’s slow and simple, perfect for the younger kids, although those who are older might not enjoy it as much. The adorable pig mascot Pepe is also in the background to make the photos extra pretty! Behind the train ride is Bouncy Tiger, a big bouncy castle that includes of mini obstacles.

After playing their heart out, your little kids can take a breather while exploring the other half of the play areas at Kiztopia. Lined up in a row that’s designed like a city street, this half offers less physically stimulating activities that encourage children to be curious about the world. In an interactive mock-kitchen and supermarket, your kids learn real-world grown-up knowledge about different food ingredients, paying with money and cooking. Personally, we found these play areas to be more unique and interesting than the conventional physical activities.

There’s also Tina’s Snips, a mini salon for little fashionistas and cosplayers to dress up as their favourite princesses (Elsa is a popular pick, no surprise there) and superheroes.

You will see the adorable mascots of Kiztopia scattered around the huge space, adding colour and character to the experience. There are 11 unique and original mascots created by Kiztopia – 10 animal characters and Dr Chen the human – and they are available to take home as merchandise!

If you’re feeling hungry after all the playing, you don’t need to leave Kiztopia to grab a bite – there’s a cafe right inside! It will serve delicious and nutritional food all day, including many that are organic and freshly prepared by the in-house kitchen. You can look forward to brunch-style dishes such as Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, Mac n’ Cheese and mouth-watering Stacked Pancakes.

On top of all the 18 play areas, Kiztopia will also start holding a range of “learn-through-play” programmes and classes from August 2019. They include rhythmic gymnastics classes, music and movement, speech and drama, cooking classes, phonics and reading, visual arts, science and robotics. With this great variety of skills to pick up, your little ones might discover more than one new passion or hobby!

Single entrance tickets into Kiztopia are $28 (one hour of play), $38 (three hours) or $48 (unlimited). There are also 15-visit entrance passes starting from $268 (one hour per visit) and annual passes available. We recommend you get tickets now to save on them during the Pre-Launch Final Sale from now until 14 June!

Visit the official Kiztopia website for more information.

6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #01-09 (Main Entrance opposite Esplanade), Singapore 039594