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TheWeekendList: 23-25 December 2022

It is Christmas weekend! Are you intending to shop or party?

Party the retro way at ZOUK or with your favourite pop star at Marina Bay Sands!

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2. Zouk’s Jolly Motel Presents A Retro Motel Rendezvous

Zouk Wraps Up 2022 and Ushers In 2023 with “Jolly Motel Presents”, a Retro Motel-themed party all through Christmas to New Year’s Eve at Zouk, with events lined up, each with a theme of its own.

The parties include retro motel decorations to a signature Total Recall night on New Year’s Eve where hits of the 1990s and 2000s will hit the roof.

On Christmas eve (24 December 2022), Jolly Motel Presents:
– One Dance at Zouk with DJ Kaaze, Hong, and Jeremy Boon
– SLIME at Phuture with DJs Rattle and TMO
– Popparazzi at Capital with DJs Caden and Ghetto

On Christmas day (25 December 2022) itself, Jolly Motel presents Mambo Jambo at Zouk with DJs Aldrin and Jeremy Boon.

Zouk is located at 3C River Valley Road 01-05 to #02-06, 179022.

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