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Xing Fu Tang: Happiness in Every Sip

With stir-fried brown sugar boba, refreshingly fragrant teas and even ice-cream; you’ll find yourself in a realm of happiness indeed at Xing Fu Tang when it opens this Friday, 28 June 2019!

Photo: Xing Fu Tang

Taiwanese bubble tea brand Xing Fu Tang, will officially be opening on Friday, 28 June 2019 at Century Square, after receiving an enthusiastic response at its Takashimaya pop-up earlier this month. Known for its authentic stir-fried Brown Sugar Boba Milk, and with over 90 locations in Taiwan, Japan, Canada and Hong Kong, this is the brand’s first foray into Singapore – and will be one of the four store openings over the next six months, so keep your eyes and stomachs peeled!

Psst, for all you bubble tea fans living in the East – the first 188 cups of Brown Sugar Boba Milk will be given away free during its grand opening!

Photo: Weekender

Xing Fu Tang, which literally translates to realm of happiness in Mandarin, had its name and signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk ($5.30) inspired by founder Edison Chen’s grandmother! It’s a heart-warming tale of how he grew up playing in her kitchen (the old missus often used brown sugar as a key ingredient in her cooking), and he came to realise that stir-frying brown sugar in a wok gives it a deliciously smokey, caramelised scent and flavour. Here at Xing Fu Tang, its signature drink consist of QQ tapioca pearls stir-fried in natural raw brown sugar, topped off with fresh milk, and a layer of caramelised brown sugar for an extra creme bruleed flair. We liked the lovely smokiness, and slight floral taste to the brown sugar – it’s no wonder brown sugar is making waves in the beverage scene now!

Plus, Xing Fu Tang’s drinks utilise no preservatives, artificial flavourings or additives; and ingredients such as brown sugar, tapioca starch and tea leaves are not only sourced directly from Taiwan, but also prepared fresh daily – so you can be assured of the quali-tea of your drinks!

Photo: Weekender

Our top pick, however, has to be the Mango Smoothie & Rabbit Panna Cotta ($6.90): a sweet yet tangy blend of mango deliciousness topped off with a cute lil panna cotta bunny; and floral-scented pink cactus pearls! A drink that is refreshing and delicious, and also perfect for the ‘gram.

Photo: Xing Fu Tang

Matcha fans, do try the Matcha Boba Milk ($5.90), bittersweet yet creamy; or the prettily azure Soda and Handmade Jelly ($5.30) for when you want something fun and playful!

Xing Fu Tang
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily
2 Tampines Central 5, #01-22, Century Square Singapore 529509