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#WeekenderEat: An Affordable And Laidback Quality Dining Experience At Dew By Whitegrass

Experience the allure of Dew by Whitegrass, the chic offshoot of the Michelin-starred Whitegrass, also nestled at CHIJMES.

Perfect for Holiday gatherings or intimate lunches and dinners, this spot curated by Chef Keita marries European small plates with an Asian twist.

The sweet and delightful Teh Tarik martini is made with Higashi Shochu Little Kiss Red Tea.

Contrary to our preceding perception of Whitegrass being an expensive dining venue, we were pleasantly surprised to discover a range of reasonably priced options there, all maintaining exceptional quality without compromise.

Cheese Choux Puff

The first items we tasted on the ala carte menu were rich and filling. The Cheese Choux Puff (S$10), followed by Pink Ocean (S$22)—a duo platter of house-smoked salmon and yellowtail carpaccio, along with the sesame brioche featuring prosciutto and Stracciatella cheese, boasted a symphony of umami flavors. For those seeking delightful finger foods to pair with conversations among friends, the Potato Bombs (S$10) offer crispy, bite-sized potato fritters in original, anchovy, or curry flavors. Notably, the curry-infused potato fritter harmonised splendidly with our Teh Tarik martini, enhancing the cocktail’s sweetness and creamy texture.

Seafood lovers should not miss the Hokkaido Pearls (S$26)—an enticing ensemble of scallops with pickled tartar and a zesty lemon garlic soy sauce, and Unagi Meet Tamago (S$18)—a course of sweet, melt-in-your-mouth unagi coupled with creamy Hana tamago and house mayonnaise. The Yuzu Kosho Seaweed Pasta (S$20) was also surprisingly appetising with its refreshing tanginess that teased our tastebuds.

Shiok! Oji Chick Don

What we initially assumed was “Japanese chicken rice” exceeded our expectations greatly. The Oji Chick Don ($28), which showcased tender marinated chicken paired harmoniously with Japanese Koshihikari rice, was incredibly hearty and satisfying to our stomachs. This dish is available as part of a set lunch, accompanied by Otoshi and the Salad of the Day. Diners can add an Onsen egg to this dish for an additional S$3.

IGA Wagyu A4 Rib Eye

The roasted IGA Wagyu A4 Rib Eye (S$58) is a gift for steak lovers. The buttery and succulent beef certainly did not disappoint, and the sautéed spinach beneath the marbled red meat provided a burst of vibrant flavors, complementing the dish impeccably.

“D” Little Cheesecake

If you still have room for desserts, try “D” Little Cheesecake (S$12), a homemade cheesecake with red wine sauce. The cheesecake was velvety and dense, and with every bite, it carried the intricate essence of the red wine sauce, leaving a lingering impression on our taste buds. You can pair it with the abovementioned Little Kiss Tea Liqueur for an additional S$8 and let the profiles of sweet cheesecake and complex tea bloom further.

The Nara Sake Kasu (S$8), an Umenoyado sake lees ice cream, served as the perfect final touch to our dining experience. Not only did it exude a delightful, subtle alcoholic aroma, but it also offered a slightly spicy edge with the addition of yuzu pepper sprinkled on top.

Desiring more sake options? You can anticipate a selection of around 65 sake labels sourced directly from various Japanese prefectures, including over 40 exclusive boutique varieties available only at Dew. Whether you are a newcomer to Dew by Whitegrass or a returning patron, each visit promises a distinct and truly exceptional experience, ensuring that there is always something new to discover and savour.

Visit Dew by Whitegrass at 30 Victoria Street, #01-27A, CHIJMES, Singapore, and enjoy this exemplary yet affordable dining experience during the festive season.