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Thai Instant Noodle Brand MAMA’s Pop-up At HUE Restaurant

How deep is your love for MAMA instant noodles? Embark on a journey to Thai instant noodle paradise as MAMA takes over HUE in its inaugural Asia pop-up!

For a limited time, indulge in the exquisite flavors of seven specialty MAMA dishes. Immerse yourself in a transformed space that mirrors a MAMA paradise, offering a unique experience complete with diverse themed photo opportunities. This exclusive event runs from now until January 14, 2024 – don’t miss the chance to savor the magic of MAMA!

Enter a MAMA paradise during this exclusive month-long event, as HUE undergoes a MAMA makeover, transforming every corner into an enticing photo opportunity. Get ready to be greeted by the star attraction – a life-sized MAMA noodles cup beckoning you to step inside and completely immerse yourself in its flavorful world.

As you explore further, encounter thematic decorations enveloping the space, enticing you to relax on the MAMA noodle bench with decorative noodles cascading overhead. Embrace the coziness of the MAMA cushion as you strike a pose for that picture-perfect moment. Then, settle in at tables adorned with charming MAMA instant noodle packet cushions and indulge in a specially crafted menu designed exclusively for this occasion.

Treat your palate to seven MAMA dishes, featuring five main courses and two appetizers. Dishes to look forward to includes: MAMA Tom Yum, MAMA Beef, MAMA Crispy Pork Basil, MAMA Dried Suki, MAMA Soft-Shell Prawn Truffle, MAMA Lup Cheong and MAMA Meatball Larb.

Once you’ve satisfied your desire for hot, spicy, and creamy MAMA tom yum noodles, take the good times and memories home with an array of exciting merchandise options such as noodle plushie dolls, T-shirts, keychains, product samples, and more!

From now to 14 January 2024, stand a chance to win thrilling MAMA collectibles through HUE’s guaranteed-win lucky draw. For every $60++ spent in a single receipt (with a minimum order of at least 1 MAMA dish), you will receive one spin on the digital wheel to win prizes such as MAMA doll plushies, MAMA T-shirts, MAMA keychains, MAMA noodle packets, HUE x MAMA cup noodles, and more!

Visit HUE at 123 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207549 to immerse yourself in the MAMA paradise experience.