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National Day Limited Edition Food To Get You Into The Festive Mood

Kick start your National Day celebrations by filling up your tummy with these National Day-themed items!

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1. Starbucks’ Omni Chilli Meatless Crab Pie

Starbucks’ buttery Chilli Meatless Crab Pie (S$7.20) is inspired by a local favourite dish for national day celebrations and all month long. The hero ingredient in the Starbucks Chilli Meatless Crab Pie is OmniFoods’ latest product, Omni Crab Cake, which is certified vegan. In addition, the plant-based crab pieces and potato cubes topped with melted cheese are complemented by a sweet, slightly spicy and tangy chilli crab sauce. Furthermore, it is housed in a buttery pie crust, making it the ideal lunch, dinner or snack.

The vegetarian Omni Crab Cake contains tomatoes, ginger, chilli and potato, along with eggs, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese. Omni Crab Cake is a protein source containing no hormones, artificial colours, MSGs, added antibiotics or preservatives, and free from alliums, trans-fat cholesterol and mercury. It offers a unique blend of plant-based protein that bears a striking resemblance to traditional meat in both flavour, texture and appearance.

Available across all Starbucks locations in Singapore.

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