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Kirin’s KoRyuKai kicks off

Tenko drum group and DJ Tomu meshed the traditional with the modern
Tenko drum group and DJ Tomu meshed the traditional with the modern

Kirin beer has launched an interesting series showcasing Japanese craftsmanship

The year-long Kirin KoRyuKai event series has been recently re-launched as a platform to celebrate the mastery and craft that produces Japan’s oldest beer. The Kirin Ichiban is the only beer in the world that is made from the “first press” process.

Kirin’s KoRyuKai series is aimed at showcasing other great craftsmen of Japan, at the same time. The KoRyuKai series kicked off at Club Kyo.

Traditional & Modern Beats

Japanese Taiko Drum group Tenko started the evening’s entertainment with lively traditional drumbeats. Tenko introduced various styles, from pieces with only Taiko drumming to pieces with other instruments such as a bamboo flute.

Later on, DJ Tomu came on and spun to complement Tenko for a while, before taking over and opening up the dance floor.

Tenko Drum Group

Each musical piece by Tenko, the featured Taiko Drum group, is unique in its own rhythm, tempo, style and mobility. They would like their audience to discover that Japanese Taiko is not just static or powerful; there are different sides for different occasions, moods or celebrations.

The Kirin beer was free flow for guests until midnight.

Kirin’s KoRyuKai series will continue with further events and performances.