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You’ll Be Addicted To These Mini Cooking Videos

Help, these tiny pancakes are driving us crazy

By Samantha Francis


Are these pancakes for ants?!

One day, a Facebook video innocently titled Kawaii Cooking stopped me in my tracks and my life wasn’t the same anymore.

The video showed a pair of human hands working deftly around a stove. Said stove was tiny, with a thimble-sized skillet on it.

Soon, a tea candle was lit beneath the stove and a coin sized dollop of pancake batter was poured into the skillet.

I’ve never felt so much frustration and excitement watching a video. I held my breath when the tiny fork missed the pancake flip by an inch, and I yelped in delight when they were finally served on a plate no bigger than my thumb.

If you’re baffled by what I’m saying, watch these videos — they’ll either leave you wanting to punch the screen… or helplessly addicted for more.

1. We’re almost terrified of the tofu cutting precision

2. These eggs are smiling not-so-creepily back at you

3. Our human-sized pancakes don’t even look half as perfect

4. You mean, they used real potato for these wedges?!

5. We double dare you to cook this for your date

6. This unreal cake tops my birthday wish list

7. Giving McDonalds a run for their money


8. Honey, did you shrink my breakfast?!