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20 Must-Try Restaurants If You Love Japanese Food

Everything you love from yakitori to sashimi, shabu shabu and more

By Samantha Francis

There’s something truly irresistible about Japanese cuisine, from the emphasis on seasonal ingredients to the relentless pursuit of a refined culinary experience.

The sheer variety astounds even the most astute foodie, with options running gamut from a fine omakase feast to a meat-centric yakitori meal.

In our quest for the most authentic Japanese dining experiences, we’ve combed through crowd favourites and hounded our Japanese friends.

Here are our 20 must-tries:

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Photo: Yakiniquest

1. Yakiniquest

Fulfill your quest for impeccable grilled beef at Yakiniquest, possibly one of the best yakiniku restaurants in Singapore. Take your appreciate for quality meats to the next level with their Omakase set meals, which feature juicy and tender beef cuts like misuji (top blade), nakaochi (rib finger) and rib eye.

Yakiniquest, 48 Boat Quay, Singapore 049837


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