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Meet Joe And His Juices

Three things you might not have known about Joe & The Juice

By Nicole-Marie Ng; Photos: Courtesy of Joe & The Juice

As electric beats pulsate through the air and cute boys provide entertainment at the juice bar, you can’t help but want to stay at Joe & The Juice forever.

The laidback vibe of Joe’s new outlet at Quayside Isle at Sentosa Cove adds to the inertia. With open air seating under giant fans and lots of spacious seats, it makes for a good place to unwind away from the crowd on mainland Singapore.

Joe & The Juice (2)

The lovable boys behind the counter are part of the draw of Joe & The Juice.

Juicing up a storm

The first thing you should know about Joe & The Juice is that the juices are not cold pressed. At Joe’s they prioritise freshness over everything else. Therefore, in order to get you your juice as fast as possible, they opt to blend the juices instead of doing cold press. They also do not believe in bottling juices because the oxidisation process leaves you with a less nutritious bottle than one that is freshly served.

The second thing you should know is that the juices are not artificially sweetened. You might see your juicer scoop a golden liquid into your drink but worry not, it’s not syrup but olive oil instead. The oil helps to give the juices a creamier consistency and also provides extra health benefits. Just let your juicer know if you’d prefer your juice without any oil.

The last thing you should know is that it’s possible to customise your own juices and coffees at Joe & The Juice at Quayside Isle. Due to the quieter nature of the location compared to their first branch at Chevron House, the boys at Joe’s are happy to comply with any request.Some regulars even bring their own milk, honey and other toppings that the boys can add to their drinks.

Joe & The Juice (high res) 670

Get your daily juice fix at Joe & The Juice.

Our juicy picks

With so many juices on the menu, it’s had to know what to try. My favourites are the Prince of Green, a mixture of spinach, pineapple and apple and the Fibre Active, a blend of avocado, lemon and apple.

Both these juices don’t taste like what you would expect. The Prince of Green was sweet and didn’t have any bitterness from the spinach while the creamy blend of avocado was cut with the addition of lemon, making it much easier to finish a cup on its own.

Other unique creations include the Ginger Shot with a slice of apple. The spiciness of the ginger is sure to wake you up and prepare you for the day. I also love the Powershake, a delightful blend of strawberry, banana and vanilla milk flown in from Denmark that’s popular with children and gym enthusiasts alike.


Joe & The Juice. 31 Ocean Way, Quayside Isle @ Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098373.