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5 Yummy Bak Kwa Brands Besides Bee Cheng Hiang To Buy From This CNY

These newer or lesser-known brands will surprise you

How many different ways can you make bak kwa? As the wide range of shops out there show, the options are endless. Some brands offer the popular pork jerky snack in unique flavours (pineapple bak kwa, anyone?), while some use special imported ingredients. There are also the fan-favourite brands, such as Bee Cheng Hiang and Lim Chee Guan, that have been running in Singapore for decades, those that we always return to every Chinese New Year for bak kwa we know will not disappoint us.

If you want to expand your bak kwa palate and try new brands, though, we've put together just the list for you. Rediscover your love for the smoky savoury snack through the following brands, while beating the hours-long queues during the festive period!

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2. Hock Wong

Definitely the cutest bak kwa you’ll find this year! Hock Wong has been delighting customers in Malaysia with their minced pork bak kwa for over 10 years now, and only branched out to Singapore last year. They sure caught our attention immediately with this 5-in-1 prosperity set, featuring a whimsical 3D cut-out packaging of the five Chinese gods of luck. They make for great gifts! And what about the actual food inside? Simply delicious. We were blown away by how juicy and smoky the bak kwa is, and we couldn’t stop eating it! It’s available at the webstore, and you can also sample it for yourself at Hock Wong pop-up stalls at eight different shopping mall Chinese New Year fairs.

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