WEEKENDER Norwegian Salmon Prosperity Yu Sheng Giveaway


More Salmon, More Luck

If your favourite part about tossing yusheng is the aftermath, where you get to pick out the hidden chunks of sashimi — know that you’re not alone.

Yusheng connoisseurs know that the best lohei experience depends on the quality of the sashimi. At the TungLok Group, fresh Norwegian salmon is used in their yusheng.

Freshly flown in from the cold, clear waters of Norway, the fish features a fresh, tasty and smooth flavour, making it the preferred choice for retailers and restaurants.

In fact, more than 90% of the fresh salmon available in Singapore is imported from Norway, flown in within 48 hours from harvest.

Diners can be assured that Norwegian fish farms adhere to regulations to ensure responsible fish farming is practiced.

This includes the following measures.

  • Fish Safety & Health: The nets are deep and widely spaced out from one another to avoid overcrowding. Close monitoring on the waters’ oxygen level, currents and temperature is carried out round the clock;
  • Environmental Care: The fish farms follow strict schedules to allow farms rest periods to ensure that the waters and surrounding marine environments are not polluted;
  • Regulated Checks: Various government bodies conduct regular inspection of the fish farms to ensure that environmental measures are taken and safety rules are adhered to.

With its bright red hue, Norwegian salmon also symbolises happiness and luck, making them an apt choice for the festivities.

Winners have to redeem their Yu Sheng takeaway boxes by 11 Feb.



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Update: Winner announcement

Here are the winners for our Norwegian Salmon Prosperity Yu Sheng giveaway! Congratulations!

Chen Weiliang  SXXXX467Z
Lee Keng Choon SXXXX701E
Nicholas Wong Wing Yew SXXXX098F
Ong Chin Han SXXXX210C
Liaw Yuetong SXXXX539D
Woon Chih Yuan SXXXX794E
Gladys Ngiam Huixin SXXXX521C
Yang Yue SXXXX881H
Cynthia Lee Yen Phing SXXXX766G
Daniel Chua Keng Nguan SXXXX549F
Kwok Choy Har SXXXX284E
Ong Gee Lee SXXXX927I
Jess Tan Juanjuan  SXXXX879D 
Nicole Foo Huiyi SXXXX950B
Helen Ong SXXXX830A

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